Monday, February 1, 2010

Spreading the Love

So it’s February 1st and I have decided to make monthly resolutions rather than just yearly, this way I will renew my fervent and adament emotions to my resolutions made at the beginning of the year and truly be able to re-evaluate their importance in my life up to this point. I think it’s a great idea! So for February this is my list of resolutions/projects:

Project 1) Blog at least 5 times a week. It can be about anything really but mainly I think I want to focus on the little things that I notice throughout my day that I find absoultely beautiful! (I wish I had a photo of Vilem’s shoes from this weekend! They were so perfect…)

Project 2) As part of this I am also creating a new blog called My Dusty Box of Memories. This blog will be a 1 year project and I will try to blog on it once a day. Each day I will delve into my photos from the past and post a favorite or one that strikes me to blog about. Watch it all unfold!!!

Project 3) Finish my website layout by the end of this month.

Project 4) Save my money to buy myself Reason 4 and Final Cut Pro. so I can get creative with my media.

Resolutions (this list is a little longer, these are my three big ones):

Take time for me. This resolution carries over from January. This means I have to think about me and what I want and need, including my health. So, my first goal under this category was to lose weight and get healthy physically. I have been doing extremely well in this area! I am eating healthy, drinking more water, and constantly being conscientious of what’s going into my body. I have a 6 days a week workout schedule that includes cardio, core, and strength training as well as stretch and yoga. I am seriously taking care of my hygiene and making sure that I follow a strict skin care regime. Finally I am taking time to go into my sanctum (my sacred space at home) and meditate and reflect and just simply be with myself. Listening to yourself is very important and often times you have so much going on that you don’t actually stop to do that. So far I have lost 10 pounds, started a journal (that is very colorful and full of random odds and in’s that I have found), and I have noticed an obvious change in my skin, especially my face, which has cleared up and softened.

Live in the moment. I am a dreamer, a big dreamer. Over the years I have found that for one reason or another I lost the concept of paying attention. So this resolution is about staying present and truly listening to others. It happens to everyone, your friend is telling you about some event she just encountered and she mentions that she had just dropped off the laundry at the mat on her way to X location and she continues, but your mind stops there because suddenly you remember you needed to drop off your laundry from two days ago and if you don’t do it now…and you are now off in your own world imagining the millions of possibilities. This is me all the time. My mind waunders aimlessly half in daydream mode at all times! Thats bad! I don’t even pay attention in the shower! I used to have a life coach, she was great! She told me to start in the shower; feel the water, smell the soap, feel your fingertips in your hair, etc. Don’t think about anything outside of the present. I am focusing more on the present when it matters though. When I am with others if I allow my mind to waunder without realizing it, I am forcing myself to take the embarrassement and appologize, tell them my mind waundered, I missed what was said, and please repeat. It’s working so far…any suggestions?

And last but not least…Don’t worry be happy. I want to constantly express love and happiness. To jump for joy when I feel like jumping and to throw my arms up and spin when the wind calls me to. I want to be a spreader of light always…

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