Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reconnect to Earth

Earlier today I read this article that was meant just for women, and I found it completely embarrassing, disgusting even, at first. But for whatever reason I kept reading it. It captured me and my attention and I began to associate myself with what was being expressed by these words and I felt a deep sense of empowerment from it. Between this article and the movie Avatar, I feel I have found my link with Mother Nature again. I feel a total reconnection with the earth, the trees, and especially the moon. Tonight, I feel as though the moon is shining just for me. It reminds me of my younger years.

I used to be in a constant state of intense connection with the earth and nature around me. I would walk outside, take in a deep, fresh breath of air and smile because I knew that even in that little action I was taking in a part of mother nature and she was nurturing me. I loved her! I talked to her and imagined that with every sway of the trees she was talking back to me, with every whip of the wind she was caressing me, with every ray of the sun beating heat down onto my back she was warming me with her tender love, and with every greeting of her creatures she was sharing some sacred secret with me alone. I felt special outside. Even now I always feel most alive, comfortable and safe outside.

As I child, I was especially attracted to the moon. I was and always have been a night owl of sorts. My most creative moments come to me at night. I was a very reflective child and I had special sacred spaces in my yard outside. In the daytime there were three specific trees for different purposes.

At night I would crawl into this dip in our lawn that was overgrown with grass and unnoticeable to most but was just small enough to fit my body into it like a bean bag chair. I would lay there and take in the moist night air, sifting my fingers through the deep green grass, staring at the moon. She was so beautiful and bright and perfect! I remember the coolness of the grass between my fingertips and toes. I remember the beautiful colors that seemed to radiate out from and rim the moon, and I remember the stars and galaxies that fascinated me to no end!

This brings me to my conclusion for the night...why do we rationalize everything all the time? Why not allow our inner child to come out and play, explore, and simply be. I am going to make a conscious effort to learn from my childhood and see things from that perspective once again. I could go on and on about this topic...a book I read...a quote...etc. but these can wait maybe for tomorrow because, now, I am going to sleep! Good night all...

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