Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Journey begins

Today I leave for Miami.  I look forward to spending the weekend with my friends and celebrating in the love between two people.  It is a formal affair in my mind.  A moment where I must be on my best behaviour and put my heart to my sleeve.  From Miami, though, I am going to Argentina, where family awaits me.  Buenos Aires is always an adventure and always booming with life and activity, but what I really look forward to is Catamarca.  Going to Catamarca is like going to another world.  It is as if time and space are operating at a different pace.  There the world rotates on an entirely different level.  It is slow, calm and peaceful.  The earth is wild and the air is filled with it's distinct smell.  Family is important, close, interactive.  Everything is one, connected in some beautiful, awe inspiring way.  The animals roam free and instinctively come home.  They are loving, protective, and cautious.  The warmth engulfs you, and the breeze kisses your skin with its sweet sighs and quiet caresses.  The river is a calm, cool, sparkling beacon that calls softly to every creature within its wide distance.  I long to be there already.  To sit by the babbling stream of water at its edge and take it all in.  To feel the heat fill my body with warm tenderness.  To watch the magnificent horses with all their colors and strength, dip their heads for a sip and stride, proudly on.  There are cows, sheep, and pigs too.  Everything seems to roam so freely so wild and alive.  There is nothing to do but relax, connect, and energize!  Going to Catamarca is like coming up from the deep ocean with all its dangerous pressures and taking in a deep, long awaited, gasp of fresh air.  My heart is there already!

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