Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Muse

Today was beautiful!  I woke up completely energized and went to the gym and then straight to Tampa, where I was meeting my favorite artist, Michael Massaro and others for lunch.  I ran into Jim Lennon, a fantastic photographer, who gave me great words of wisdom.  He was basically talking about living in the present, which is something I have been working on.  He reminded me that it is important to not over react.  When you feel a bit of jealousy, he said, remind yourself that that comes from the fact that you love and care about the person you are jealous over and that is that.  Do not allow yourself to throw assumptions beyond that.  Once you have reminded yourself of this, tell yourself to stay in the moment, don't assume a future or past that may or may not happen.  Never react on something you have not seen occur and that you are potentially "making up".  This only leads to problems.  You end up hurting rather than helping the situation.  Instead remember that you care about this person and therefore want to continue to care about this person.  You want to make the most out of the time shared with this person and have that time filled with the best possible moments of love, laughter and overall goodness.   You want your life to be beautifully impacted.  These were Jim Lennon's great words of advise, paraphrased of course. 

Jim was in Susan's office at UT, which is just off to the side of the art Gallery.  I noticed as I walked towards her office, the numerous wonderful photos of her different dance students frozen in time during a moment of perfect performances.  It was inspiring and brought a wave of regret that I never took a dance class.  I am sure I would have loved it!  Susan also teaches the worlds greatest story telling class!  The two of them are such a great inspiration!

The Unversity of Tampa Scarfone/Hartley Gallery had a magnificent display of artwork and I was thrilled to find it open on a Saturday.  The pieces, hung perfectly on the wall, were such an inspiration to me that I immediately felt compelled to spit out works of art in any form.  Then I went to the AMORC Lodge and enjoyed a time in the magnificently harmonious and peaceful temple, where I met up with some great friends, who also led me to ponder my eagerness to harness my talents and create!  I want to write a song.  I want to write a piano piece and sing in accompaniment!  I want to paint.  I want to watercolor paint.  I want to start my several sculpture projects!  I want to have enough work to submit into shows.  I want to get into Galleries!!!

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