Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The world is wonderful and beautiful and I am enjoying the moment.  What a gorgeous day it is!  The sky is blue with perfectly formed and brilliantly white clouds, floating like bubbles over water, on a vast and limitless canvas of soft blue.  It is bright and breezy and fresh to the senses!  My world is intensly colorful on this day and I am feeling the vibrant shades soak into my skin like fresh blood on white linens, staining my soul with undeniable vigor and energy.   I can still feel the love of Valentines Day lingering in the fresh air and seeping to the marrow of my bones.  I am working diligently on my project to spread the love via handmade cards.  I have already handed out several with great responses!  These have mostly been to those I know and trust however.  Next step: strangers.  I have about a week left before I am in Argentina and I can't wait to be in Argentina!  I can't wait to see my family, to be able to sit back with nothing due, nothing required or expected of me, and the freedom to do absolutely whatever it is I feel like doing.  My plan is to catch up on my reading, work on some of my website and scout the lands with my adventurous cousins.  I am bringing two books with me; Three Cups of Tea and I have yet to choose the second one but I look forward to sitting under the big tree in my Aunts yard, chickens and dogs scurrying, breeze blowing, children squeeling, and me calm and comfortable with a cup of tea and my book, warmed by the sun, heat and dust.

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