Thursday, November 13, 2008

About Me

So I feel I need to write something (this is my first blog post)... but nothing wants to come out and express itself on this blank page (screen) before me! I updated my profile but there are fill-ins such as the About Me section that would take up a lifetime to tell. How do I fill this in? The real question is, what do I really want people to know about me? or is it, more importantly...what about me do people really want to know? I could tell you about my personality but that would take a while, I could tell you about my life up til now but that would be a really long roller-coaster story, or I could tell you about my current aspirations and dreams but that seems like you would only have a tiny little drop of me undressed and who wants that? Besides, those seem to change so rapidly that I would essentially have to change and update my About Me section daily or weekly... as you can see, I'm a mess right now. [I giggle to myself] So, I guess, for now, I will leave that section as a work in progress and end this random rant of nothingness, til I have something more worth while to say!