Thursday, April 22, 2010


     Recently I started reading this book entitled Five, by Dan Zadra (you can find it at  It is an inspirational book about what you can accomplish in five years.  So I decided to come up with some lists of “things” I would like to do, see, accomplish, etc. in the next five years.  I hope you enjoy them and maybe find a little inspiration yourself!  When I look back from the next five years I want to be able to say that I stayed healthy and active, lived creatively, loved passionately, played often, and enjoyed living, etc.!  Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress list and I would love your ideas, suggestions and feedback!

List of Adventures I want to have within the next five years:
  1. Learn to drive shift stick cars!
  2. Explore the Amazon.
  3. Take a road trip with my Cousins, Meagan Brown, Michelle Brown, Sarah Traylor, Rachel Traylor, Leanne Shaluly, Nina Shaluly, and Salwa Shaluly.
  4. Take several trips to North Carolina for a weekend adventure with Aunt Rosemary.
  5. Explore Florida’s vastness.
  6. Go Camping at least 10 times!
  7. Learn to Surf.
  8. Learn to Cayak.
  9. Visit Angkor Wat with close friends.
  10. Play on the playground more often.
  11. Take a new route every week for a whole year (or what adds up to a year in five).
  12. Live away from home.  Dun dun duhhh
  13. Visit Jeff Gibbons and Hannah Hudson in Texas.
  14. Create adventures to do with my two beautiful Nieces and watch them grow!
  15. Take a cruise with my sister, Meara Trine.

List of Accomplishments I want to achieve within the next five years:
  1. Record my own music CD (and to make it an adventure and add to above, give this one a twist and record with Manny Penton and Daniel Kurant).
  2. Create at least two good films.
  3. Finish my website (to a point where it is not embarrassing anymore).
  4. Exhibit in 20 different art shows (this obviously requires me to get art done).
  5. Become financially stable and knowledgeable.
  6. Perfect my Spanish and French.
  7. Pick a career that I will truly love and blossom in!
  8. Go back to school for Fine Arts/Art Therapy.
  9. Volunteer regularly and continue to support various charities.
  10. Motivate, inspire, and empower young females.