Thursday, February 4, 2010

On all Fours

I'm in a poetic mood.  My mind is wandering and searching deep into my memories.  I am still focused on the idea of exploring my childhood.  After all, it is the basis of all of my artwork up to this point and it is where I still wish to put that focus.  I remember the constant exploring, the great pleasure of finding natures beautiful treasures such as the tiny jumping frogs that were more the size of an ant than a frog, or the raspberries growing naturally underneath the oak trees in our backyard.  Watching mother natures creatures interacting was absolutely fascinating.  I was awe struck by the lizard who waited just the right amount of time before lunging with all its force and body to catch the spider that would be its meal. I lived in my own fairytale world.  The earth was mine and I was hers.  Every event of nature was made just so I could take notice.  The smells captivated me!  The music she created enveloped me and serenaded my soul!  I was enchanted by Mother Nature.  So along with my other February projects, I am adding one more.  Explore my world by getting up close and personal with Mother Nature, utilizing hands and knees if necessary!

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