Thursday, August 13, 2009

Leaving my heart to Toulouse

My heart is in love again, with the taste of Toulouse on my lips. It is my absolute favorite place for reflection and tranquility, with it's babbling brooks, oceans of brilliant yellow sunflowers and golden seas of wheat! The view is spectacular from where I stand at Mt. Segur and I am chasing butterflies as they flutter every which way. Purple thistles feed the buzzing bees as I take it all in. The story here is both sad and awakening. I ask myself would I be able to do what the Cathars of old did in this place had I been in their shoes? If I were told to change my heart, my thoughts and my beliefs or die a horrible death, would I?

Now we are standing at the huge gapping hole in a mountain. As we venture inside it gets smaller and smaller til we are bending over sideways to walk though the narrow passage of stone and wetness. It is refreshingly chilly and comfortably dim with our lamps lighting the way...I love this cave Niaux!!! I feel as though I am in another world and at any moment a strange creature will emerge from the depths and darkness.

We said our goodbyes til next time :(

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