Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Paris Adventures so far

It is time for bed here and I am faced with the good news and the bad. I will start with the bad to end on a good note. It seems Oke will not be able to get her visa with enough time to come. We are still hoping. On top of that I am missing some shoes since they are in her luggage lol. My brand new Iphone has completely stopped functioning despite charging etc. so accessing the internet is now going to be twice as hard. On the bright side I am in Paris having a blast despite these down falls. Last I reported we were heading to the Seine River cruise with the AMORC tour group. I think I commented a little on how that went but I will add a littleThe cruise was great fun and we got to mingle with the different members on the tour. We have a wonderful crew of about 38 people. We saw the beautiful Eiffel tower, cruised past the Notre Dame, and even saw the Statue of Liberty...It was fantastic. The food was a mixture of interesting and delicious and we coupled it with several glasses of red champagne, red wine and white wine all followed by a fantastic crepe desert that I am craving more of. The boat was festive with live music and a dance floor and our table (as there were three) was given the nickname of "the party table" as at one point all of us were on the dance floor.

The following day was also exciting, we took a tour of Paris from the bus and saw many beautiful monuments and sites. Following the bus tour we stopped at the Cluney Museum where beautiful tapestries and other artifacts were on display. There were absolutley amazing tapestries with the lady and the Unicorn in one room that blew me away. In another room were elaborate wooden sculptures for religious purposes many of which looked like large cabinets with a secret scene inside. Another room was filled with decoratively hand painted old books were every word and image was done by hand with brilliant colors and gold. In yet another room there were metal sculptures with animals, flowers and jewelry. It was a stunning museum and an awe inspiring visit. I could go on and on about its many different displays that sparked a million ideas for my own sculptures.

Today was, of course, another adventure. To start it off right, my luggage arrived. Finally I get new clothes. The tour was by foot and we went to several churches including Notre Dame. Somewhere in there I got pooped on by a bird, I was told that it is good luck so it was a minor incident. The architecture of the past is so amazingly ornate and elaborate! My favorite aspect of today was being able to see this moving sculpture of the withering Jesus just fallen from the cross, laying on the ground being held by his mother. What was the most moving of this sculpture was that along with the Virgin Mary was Mary Magdalene who was seemingly weeping as if she was now a widow. The emotion between her and Jesus in this sculpture were amazing. Mary reaches out her hand to touch his and it is as though they are just about to hold each other. Their heads are pressed against each others and their hair seems to come together as one. It is so dramatic and overwhelming! I unfortunately forgot my camera but several members allowed me to take with their cameras and as soon as I get them I will post them. The churches look like forests to me and the work done by the artists who made them is remarkable. Everything from the Organ Pipes, to the pews, to the floors to the ceilings are completely decorated with amazing detail. It is amazing! I had such a great time!

Well we are off to the Chateau d' Omonville tomorrow bright and early and stopping at Versailles for a quick peek on the way. Hopefully there will be internet where we are going and I will be able to continue my blogs for all of you!

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