Friday, August 7, 2009

100th Anniversary

So the last time I posted I was tired and frustrated...I am enjoying myself and today I am full of energy, spirit, and smiles! I am a member of this organization and this tour is with the group of AMORC, Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crusis, also known as the Rosicrucians. If you are interested in learning about it the website is or I only say this because, I talk about some AMORC things in my blogs about this trip as it is a special year for AMORC because it is the 100th anniversary of its revival in the U.S.

The Chateau D' Omonville is the headquarters of AMORC in France and is, as one can imagine, absolutely beautiful! It is like a fairy tale place here in France and I am thrilled to be here! This will be my third time at the Chateau and each time seems greater than the next. The company helps of course, but they are so welcoming and make sure that everyone gets to see exactly what they came to see. This year, obviously, was especially unique because of the 100th Anniversary of H. Spencer Lewis's trip to France. They had everything in his remembrance and the walls were filled with beautiful old photos of him and his family and trips and paintings. It was really nice! Even the bottles of wine (yes they gave us wine) had the image of H. Spencer Lewis on it. The Imperator, once again, walked around serving escargot, and his adorable wife made sure everything was prepared to perfection. We had glasses of rose flavored champagne, and for those who don't drink alcohol, glasses of rose water. For dinner we had delicious fish followed by a fantastic wall of french cheeses to select from! It was amazing! Great, great welcome!!!

Speaking of anniversaries, one of the group couples is sharing their 10th anniversary with us and we celebrated at dinner yesterday night! It was absolutely adorable!!! They are the sweetest couple!

After the Chateau we went to Chatre which was so beautiful and we stayed the night there. We watched the church light up at night with amazing colors of what looked like stained glass projected onto it. They were works of art by different artists. It was interesting. The next day we went inside and enjoyed it immensely.

Today we went to Mount St. Michel. It is the most extraordinary abbey and church on this island of granite. It is stunning!!! We walked around and the view is amazingly breathtaking and then we had the tour of the main building. Everyone in France seems to have a dog. There were dogs everywhere with their owners and they were so adorable running around jumping up to look over the edges. It was so much fun! Lunch today was delicious and we got to try the famous Crepes and Omelets of France. Yum!

Tonight we have free time until dinner and we are staying at the Best Western (hence the internet access). I am happy to say my Iphone is working again and everything is putting a smile on my face! The group is great as well! We are all bonding and taking care of each other! My mom got lost today and we all went in a searching frenzy to find her. She was in the chapel of St. Etienne! I didn't know there was a St. Etienne...I have a friend in Toulouse with that name so I found that fun! We will see him when we go there and I will have to tell him the story. Anyways, I am off to dinner!

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