Thursday, August 6, 2009


I know, one should really have no place to complain when on such an amazing tour of France, but the constant early to rise, late to bed regime is starting to hit me and I am exhausted! Yesterdays tour of the Chateau was beautiful and fun as I got to reunite with friends from the area! Last night we saw Chatre at night with projected art works splashed onto its surface in a light was fun and beautiful but I hit the bed after 1am to wake up at I said it is the combination of the days that made getting up the worst this morning. The area here is beautiful and the Cathedral of Chatre is equally awe inspiring with its brilliantly colored stain glass windows and interior design! I have little time to type so the next few blogs will be brief as this one and I never know when I will have internet on the way so I will do my to St. Michel!

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