Thursday, March 11, 2010

Girl’s Night Out…or in rather

Buenos Aires is just as I left it; the weather, absolutely beautiful; the breeze, comfortably chilly; and the sun, burning hot. I already have a sun tan from taking a few strolls outside to the park and the market. When I got here it was raining but today is flawless, brilliant with color and life. Magnificent shades of greens and coral pinks surround me, while the mouth watering scent of food fills the air and teases my nose. My cousin is cooking. Preparing the meat with eggs, potatoes and other delicious flavors all mixed together for stuffing the “masa,” to complete the empanadas. I’m sitting with the youngsters chatting away and listening to random songs from my iPhone. Veronica is painting my Aunt’s nails purple with flowers. She already painted mine bright pink and it’s a girl’s house today. No boys allowed today a continuation of the girl’s night out we all shared last night. Nine of us spent the night together. Sprawled out wherever there was space and cushion to sleep! We had a blast, playing cards, sipping mate that we passed around the table, and nibbling on leftovers. Harmless gossips and laughter filled the air till late in the evening! The morning seems peaceful and calm and the conversations carry on as though they never ended. It’s a beautiful day!

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