Thursday, May 6, 2010

My own

There is something amazing about having nieces and nephews!  Just when you thought you couldn't love anything more they show up and in an instant you are overwhelmed with so much love, compassion, playfulness, and happiness that you can hardly remember the other emotions you previously carried like heavy pathetic bags of rocks.  I feel as though all the world has disappeared and the most important thing I can do, the only purpose I have in life, is to put that child in a complete state of bliss.  The best part is how simple it is to send a child into random fits of laughter and giggles!  Its amazing how your ears perk up to their voices, giggles and cries, how you can pick their sounds out from millions of little kids anywhere in the room and when you hear them laughing and playing and you know they are perfectly happy, it's an instant lift of the heart!  Those are the days I look forward to!

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